Mission IGI 2 - US Army FPS Commando Hijack Rescue

Mission IGI 2 - US Army FPS Commando Hijack Rescue

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Action | 79.5MB | Update: 2018-05-05 | Version: 1.0.0 | Requires: Android4.0 or later

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In Mission IGI 2 - US Army FPS Commando Hijack, after rescuing the capture army base from the terrorist invaders. The commander arrested these terrorist after rescuing the base. Our commander rescued and arrested the terrorist easily with your help but now, the partners of those terrorist has call for frontier revenge war and have taken hostages of high profile people of the city at an unknown place surrounded by the terrorists with modern advanced artillery weapons and are asking to release their comrades terrorist or none of the hostages will make it out alive. The commander again has being call to rescue the hostages with your help and save them from this situation in epic adventure action fury game. You as special force commando top-level highly trained secret agent assassin ops have to find they unknown location and rescue the hostages from the elite military force into front-line action terrorists in this US army commando rescue operation mission. Be very alert, aware of your battleground survival FPS shooting game environment and watch out for the enemy's attack. In this combat commando rescue hostage, you have the responsibility of these high profile hostages, to bring them out alive without anyone getting hurt and after rescuing everyone you have to catch the terrorist.
You are the most courageous, bravest, a fearless critical special ops shooting combat commando that’s why you have been call of commando for us army rescue assassin mission. You are the best stealth commando rescue fps of the military US army special force frontline war battleground. This hijack commando rescue situation has made everyone very tensed and everyone is worried for the high profile hostages of front-line terrorist attack shooting and fighting action war game. The swat rescue mission hostages are some of the most famous and high profile people of the city that's why this news cannot be out, it's a secret hostage rescue commando ops. This US army secret commando war shooting survival missions will be lead by you elite modern commando sniper gun assassin the one man army counter the frontline terrorist fury and save the hostages from the terror of the abductors in Mission IGI 2 - US Army FPS Commando Hijack.
Be a frontline rescuer commando and rescue the captives cautiously watch out for the enemies attacker. As you going in this frontline survival hostage crisis as a lone ranger to fight this deadly survival assault in stealth missions and rescue the civilians to captured the hijackers in counter shooter military combat game. The government officials can't accept the deal they are making to release the terrorist for these hostages. The terrorist are terrible people, they cannot be left open in the world among the innocent people. This elite gun stealth action shooting terrorist will be very harmful for everyone if we released them in ultimate IGI counter terrorist missions. So accepting they deals has no chance that’s why in this commando frontline shooter combat fury you have been call for anti-terrorist military attack frontline duty to rescue the hostages and show why everyone calls you the best frontline brave commando & shooter.
Mission IGI 2 - US Army FPS Commando Hijack Rescue Features
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- Hijack commando rescue hostage 2018 game
- US army rescue operation mission
- Action terrorist stealth attack war game
- Ultimate action-packed commando shooting game
- Counter shooter military terrorist combat
- Epic action fps first person shooting game of 2018
- Special ops commando in hostage survival games

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